Case Studies


Case Study: Rowsley Valley 20 Years on, Victoria

Case Study: Serrated tussock requires a multi-pronged attack in Maude, Victoria. 

Case Study: Steep slope success in Bungal, Victoria. 

Case Study: Early intervention is the key to success in Bullengarook, Victoria. 

Case Study: Ongoing monitoring crucial for serrated tussock control in Inverleigh, Victoria.

Case Study: Dennis Family Corporation implements three year tussock plan in Manor Lakes, Victoria.

Case Study: A story of success in progress in Mt Egerton, Victoria.

Case Study: Livestock and Serrated Tussock in Gisborne South, Victoria.

Case Study: Active land management containing Serrated tussock in Meredith, Victoria.

Case Study: Controlling Serrated tussock along Jacksons Creek: post grassfire, Riddells Creek, Victoria.

Case Study: Strategic planning for Serrated tussock management at Modewarre, Victoria.

Case Study: A few decades battling Serrated tussock at Rowsley, Victotia. 

Case Study: Controlling Serrated tussock on a hobby farm, Sunbury, Victoria. 


The following case study videos were produced through a collaborative project aimed at educating landowners on the impacts of serrated tussock. We would like to acknowledge the following individuals, groups, departments and businesses involved in the production of these videos:

- The Lismore Land Protection Group. 

- The former Department of Environment and Primary Industries (now DEDJTR). 

- Victorian Local Landcare Facilitator Initiative.

- Valtek Video.

- The VSTWP.

- Duncan and Maxine Campbell at Barwonleigh, Scott Churnside at Mount Rothwell and Weering: founding member of the VSTWP  and John Sheehan at Yalouk Estate.