Control Techniques

Controlling serrated tussock requires a long term strategy. - Source: DEPI Victoria

There is no single technique that should be relied on to control serrated tussock. Each situation will require a different combination of control methods to achieve success.

Serrated tussock control and management will require a long term strategy. There is no quick fix or one-off solution; however, following these simple guidelines may assist in providing long-term control.


  • Learn to correctly identify serrated tussock, particularly when not in flower.
  • Prevent serrated tussock from entering your property.
  • Control invasions early.
  • Prevent serrated tussock plants from flowering and seeding.

Destroy adult plants

  • Kill adult plants to reduce seeding and addition to the soil seed bank.
  • Rotate herbicides with different modes of action to reduce the chance of resistance

Out-compete seedlings

  • Suppress the growth of seedlings by promoting and increasing the growth and competition of desirable species.
  • Always follow up with suitable treatments for your situation.