Community Extension Program Assistance

Date Published: Monday, April 8, 2019 - 12:41

The VSTWP Community Extension Program seeks to support communities to reduce the impact of serrated tussock (Nassella trichotoma) on agricultural, environmental and social values.

The program aims to tailor extension services to local attributes, level of community support and the density of the infestation. Below is a summary of...

Community Engagement Principles Workshop

Date Published: Thursday, April 4, 2019 - 14:25

Do you manage or support a serrated tussock control program? Are you keen to develop your community engagement knowledge and practice towards better management of serrated tussock? If your answer is yes to these questions, you are warmly invited to apply for this free workshop, hosted by the Victorian Serrated Tussock Working Party.

When: Saturday 25 th May 2019 (...

Rowsley Valley: 20 Years on: Case Study

Date Published: Friday, March 15, 2019 - 12:59

The VSTWP have just completed a new case study titled "Rowsley Valley: 20 Years on", which explores the large investment in serrated tussock control over the past two decades and what effect that has had on the Rowsley Valley landscape. The Rowsley Valley is a picturesque volcanic lava flow located 50kms North-West of Melbourne and was among the earliest regions in Victoria to be settled by Europeans. It has a history just...

VSTWP Train City of Bendigo Staff Members

Date Published: Thursday, February 28, 2019 - 14:49

VSTWP Community Engagement Officer, Ivan Carter, has trained bushcrew members and rangers from the City of Greater Bendigo in best practice Serrated tussock management. Topics included in the training package were how to best idenfity, treat, prevent the spread and manage Serrated tussock using best practice principles and the latest research. 

Staff from the City of Bendigo requested to conduct the training in the field, where it was...

Roadside Signage with Photograph

Date Published: Thursday, February 14, 2019 - 10:28

Have you seen our new Serrated Tussock signs while driving around? The VSTWP has installed 16 roadside new signs with photographs in isolated areas across Victoria. The new sites have been strategically choosen to target small isolated infestations, that have the potential to spread rapidly if...

Progress Report 17/18 Now Available

Date Published: Friday, January 4, 2019 - 17:19

The Victorian Serrated Tussock Working Party (VSTWP) has expanded its community extension programs in strategic locations across Victoria over the past 12 months, supporting nearly 300 landowners in the Maude, Bullengarook, Toolernvale and Myrniong regions. Three extension officers were contracted to implement the...

Educating at Gordon Community Fair

Date Published: Monday, October 15, 2018 - 14:57

The VSTWP had a terrific time at the Gordon Community Fair on the 11th of November 2018, with many landowners coming to see the live Serrated Tussock plants and learn the finer skills of how to best identify this noxious...

Community Leadership Program Now Open

Date Published: Monday, October 1, 2018 - 10:20
Community Leadership Programs & Scholarships VRCLP are currently calling for applications across Victoria.


Date Published: Tuesday, September 25, 2018 - 14:49

The VSTWP have developed a Landcare Field Day Assistance Grants program that aims to help groups host a serrated tussock related field day. This program offers Landcare groups/networks the opportunity to...

Best Practice Summary Guide updated 2018

Date Published: Monday, September 10, 2018 - 11:05

The long awaited update to the 2008 Serrated Tussock Best Practice Management Guide is complete and is availible for print, download or mailout to interested parties, groups or organisations. The original 8 page brochure was a summary of the 128 page management brochure, which featured a DVD and case studies and is the bible for serrated tussock management.