Seeking Community Representatives: VSTWP

Would you like to be a valued Community Representative on the Victorian Serrated Tussock Working Party (VSTWP) Committee, and be remunerated for your time?

Committee members are invited to quarterly meetings (4 per year) and are required to attend at least 50% of these. Meeting attendance may be in person or via video or teleconference. The Working Party also establishes technical or advisory groups to address specific tasks/issues between meetings, and make use for email and telephone to collaborate.

We are a state-wide organisation, and have historically focused efforts on containing the core infestation north and west of Melbourne. We would like to increase support in the West Gippsland and South-West Victoria region, and as such we are seeking a point of contact from your area. Serrated tussock infestations are spreading throughout West Gippsland and Hamilton, and we feel it is important to have better representation and assistance available to this region. 

Meeting participation, travel time and motor vehicle use may be claimed at the following rates; 
• Less than 4 hrs = $110.50 
• More than 4 hrs = $221
• Motor vehicle = Flat rate of 0.66 cents per km

Please contact the Executive Officer, Martin Deering on:

serrated tussock c